Product Brief

Shanghai Hilong has become one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world for safe and rugged drill pipe, with a complete range of product sizes and grades. Shanghai Hilong’ s API standard drill tubulars are designed for extended downhole use.

Drill Pipe

In addition to meeting API standards, Shanghai Hilong tubulars are designed and manufactured to Hilong’s own internal design and manufacturing standards which exceed API standards.

Shanghai Hilong API drill pipe specifications include:

  • Sizes: full range from 2 3/8″ to 6 5/8″ ;
  • Grades: E75, X95, G105 and SI 35;
  • Upset type: EU, IU and IEU;
  • Specification and product level: API SPEC 5DP, API SPEC 7-2, API RP 7G; • Tool joint (connection): from NC26 to NC50, 5 1/2FH, 6 5/8FH

Hilong internal specifications:

  • Miu > 4.75in. (120mm) and Miu-R > 8in. (200mm), to reduce the stress concentration at the internal upset vanishing area and achieve better anti-fatigue performance;
  • High impact toughness value of the drill pipe body and tool joint for better fracture toughness;
  • 100% FLUT+100%FLT (EMI) for drill pipe body, 100% UT+100%MPI for tool joint and welds.

Options for optimizing the drill pipe performance:

  • Tool joint make and break; • Cold rolling; • Hardbanding ;
  • Internal plastic coating

In addition to API/PSL1 and PSL2 drill pipe, Shanghai Hilong provide high standard drill pipe for severe condition drilling service including:

  • API/PSL3; • NS-1; • DS-1; • Customers’ specifications