With offshore drilling operations being executed in ever- deeper water and more remote and hostile locations, the DPM-ST® connection was developed to deliver exceptional performance and to overcome the demands of the most challenging drilling environments.

The DPM-ST® connection is designed specifically for deviated and horizontal wells in ultra deep-water, extended reach, high-pressure high temperature and sour service environments.

The design principles of the DPM-ST® connection are based on the correlation between the cross sectional area of both pin and box with torsional strength as well as the evolution of the DPM-DS and DPM-MT® connections.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Torque Capacity

Substantial increase in torsional strength for high torque applications which surpasses DPM-DS and DPM-MT®.

  • Durability and High Strength

Tool joint material features a unique chemistry with optimised heat treatment. Field proven for several years on DPM-DS and DPM-MT® connections. Improved stabbing due to the tapered pin nose.

  • Competitively Priced High Performance Connections

DP-Master’s effective and efficient supply chain management, allows the DPM-ST® Connections to be offered at very competitive prices with favorable lead time.

  • Interconnectable with another 3rd Generation Connection

NS-1™ Design Approval awarded to DP-Master’s ST connection defined as “Fully Interchangeable”

Torsional Test By Reputable Engineering Company
Stress Engineering Services Inc. in Houston performed rigorous torsional tests and exceptionally good results were achieved.

Streamlined Profile
The DPM-ST® connection’s streamlined geometry allows the pipe to be fished in smaller hole sizes. The smooth internal bore at the secondary shoulder provides an unimpeded fluid path for minimal turbulence and energy loss that improves hydraulics.

Increased Fatigue Resistance
DPM-ST® connections are cold rolled to increase fatigue resistance by minimising crack initiation.