The DP-Master DS connection is a high performance generic API double-shouldered connection which is well established and field proven around the world.

This stronger connection is fully interchangeable with API and selected market available double-shouldered connections.

By being API compatible, facilities can use market readily available API accessories for threading and inspection which is one of the many ways to keep cost efficiencies.

Proven compatible with leading market generic double shouldered connection without compromising performance through torsional test and engineering review conducted by independent testing agencies.

DPM-DS connection offers higher strength capability than API connections in all aspects.

  • Up to 40% more torsional strength than API through the high strength secondary make-up shoulder absorbing high frictional load.
  • Streamlined OD / ID geometry for improved hydraulic performance or fishing ability without compromising torsional capacity.
  • DPM-DS pin and box connection made up to a smooth ID transition to allow smoother fluid flow with minimized turbulence and energy loss inside the connection. The tendency for mud or cement trap in crevices are eliminated.
  • Fully interchangeable with new or used tool joints and accessories with API connections.

DPM-DS connection is available in drill pipe sizes from OD 2-3/8” to 6-5/8”. Other sizes are available upon request. The connection is also available in a wide range of steel grades including sour service and high strength.