GreenWell ©  – a special, lubrication-free, anti-friction, anti-corrosion of well casing and tubing pipes coating on the market by TMK, a leader in the Russian market for the casing and tubing pipes production.

GreenWell © – polymeric composition with the additional functional components that provide the claimed characteristics of the composition.

Lubrication-free means rejection of classical method of assembling joints with the grease thread sealing lubricants. There no is need in removing and applying a new layer of grease while assembling and disassembling the pipe joints.

Antifriction – the possibility of multiple screwing the threaded connection without damaging the material coating. The low coefficient of friction and high abrasion coating resistance prevent the damage formation to the threaded and sealing surfaces during assembling / disassembling of the joint.

Corrosion-proof protective properties are provided by instant corrosion and long-acting inhibitors. Tests have shown that joints coated with GreenWell © are reliably protected against corrosion during transportation and storage under the difficult conditions of Siberia and Texas.

The main advantage of this coating is multiple assembling and disassembly of the connection without cup greases usage and re-applying the material, and as a result, saving on tripping operations up to 40% of the time.

GreenWell © coating meets with  ISO 13678, ISO 13679-2002 CAL IV requirements.

Pipes with joints coated with GreenWell © are successfully operated on the Prirazlomnaya platform, at the Vankor and Pyakyakhinskoye fields.

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