Restoration of the lock diameter by surfacing (rebuilding)

Drill pipe joints suffer the greatest wear-out during drilling process. The greater the vertical deviation during drilling, the greater the wear-out of some of the drill pipe pipe locks.

Often, the customer faces a situation when the pipe is still in premium condition and the lock is worn out so it involves rejection of the pipe in grade 2 or 3. This problem can be solved by surfacing the entire length of the lock with a wire similar in composition and characteristics to the material of the lock.

The process takes place in a semi-automatic mode under the operator’s control. After that, non-destructive testing is carried out on the subject of fusion lack, caverns arising in the process of surfacing.

Then the pipe enters the turning shop, where the lock is machined under a diameter defined by the standards. Non-destructive testing is carried out again. After that, the threaded connection is repaired.

Thus, the pipe is given a second life. Naturally, the price of this procedure is much lower than the cost of a new drill pipe, especially for special alloys such as VM95SS, L80SS and others, with a high content of chromium and alloying elements.