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The Plug & Perf technology using wireline unit

The Plug & Perf technology using wireline unit

In 2016 Delta Energy Services introduced state-of- the-art Delta Perf © service based on the pumpdown

plug&perf technology for multistage fracturing systems.

The service is comprised of tool string hydraulic pumpdown, frac plug installation and multi-cluster

perforating on a single trip.

The key Delta Perf © system components are:

Delta Toe Sleeve © – a casing / liner initiation toe sub designed for application in cementedcompletions. Pressure activated rupture disks induce first stage perforations to create a hydraulicinterface for subsequent fracking operations.
Delta Frac Plug © – A pumpdown flow-through frac plug used for zonal isolation. Large internaldiameter allows for continuous well operation without a need of plug mill out.
Delta Frac Ball © – a dissolvable ball used with Delta Frac Plug © for previous fracturing intervalisolation. Ball composition provides predictive degradation profile depending on wellbore fluid,pressure and temperature.

Delta Perf © key benefits:

  •  Frac plug setting and multi-cluster perforating on a single trip
  •  Enhanced reliability due to electronic feedback system and backup perforating guns
  •  No need in coiled tubing
  •  Enhanced HSE profile for multistage fracturing projects

For further information please contact us at services@delta-energy.ru