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Machine shop service

Mobile Machine shop – a new approach to servicing premium joints


In what situation our complex is irreplaceable?

  • With it there is no need for the customer to transport the pipe to the repair workshop, which may be thousands of kilometres from the oilrig or the storehouse – the Mobile Machineshop is transported to the location of the customer or the place of the pipe consolidation;
  • The presence of API SPEQ Q1, ISO 9001/29001 certificates and licenses from the leading global producers of premium threads guarantees the outgoing quality of the product designed by the developer;

  • Using the Mobile Machineshop means no risk of damaging or losing pipes during cargo transportation. Besides, the customer need not bear the costs for pipe transportation back and forth, as well as for cargo insurance;
  • The customer has an opportunity to control the progress of works personally;
  • The downtime of the oilrig due to the repair of the drilling pipe or manufacturing of increasers is shortened considerably;
  • Very often pipe transportation is plain impossible due to weather or seasonal conditions (prohibition for transportation without winter road conditions, etc.), which is especially typical of Russian oilfields – Usinsk, Pechora, Ukhta, Urengoi, Surgut, Yakutsk. In this case the Mobile Turning Complex can be installed by helicopter at the customer’s location, which involves lesser expenses than the downtime of dozens of pipe automobile transporters.

The possibilities are wider; the quality is higher than that of traditional workshops

Possibilities of the complex:

  • Restoration of threads on the pipes of gas-oil assortment by GOST (API) classification and Premium (the diameter of processed pipes ranges from 60 to 508 mm);

    Буровая труба до ремонта

    Буровая труба после ремонта

    Увеличенный вид

  • All degrees of restoration: recut, reface, rebevel;
  • Repair of reducing taper elbows and pipe junctions;
  • Phosphatising of shower type, manganese or zincous;
  • Screwing and uncoupling of pipes and unions;
  • Service of pipe inspection (upon request);
  • Service of sealing ring application (hardbending) (upon request);


  • The complex fits into a space of 15 x 20 metres;
  • The capacity is 100 kW;
  • The installation time of the complex is within 2 days from the time of arrival at the customer’s location;
  • The average productivity is 60 threads per day depending on the type of thread;
  • Possibility of twenty-four-hour work (in two shifts).

Components of the complex


  • Container with the machine tool, complete with thread calibers, measuring and cutting tools;
  • Container with the phosphatising unit, including a chemical laboratory and a stock of chemical agents;
  • Container with the unit for union threading;
  • Automatic loader and accompanying tool set.




Machine tool

  • Produces the whole range of standard GOST (API) threads and propriatory connections;
  • Less vibration due to the rotation of the cutter around the fixed pipe;
  • Cuts apertures in the spindle rod with diameters ranging from 60 mm to 508 mm;
  • Hydraulic system of pipe delivery  minimizes staff participation;
  • Rotor control block Fanuc 32i (Japan) allows to control the movement of the cutter on three planes;
  • Possibility of production of both external threads (nipple pin) and internal threads (union box).


Phosphatising system

  • Shower type, manganese and  zincous phosphatising;
  • Computer system to register the parameters of the phosphatising liquid.


Union threading


  • The size of pipes ranges from 60 mm to 315 mm;
  • Torsional moment is up to 80 kN/m;
  • Computer registration of the data and reporting.

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